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Whether you horseback ride for recreation or run a farm, you know that you need special vet care for large animals. Call or visit Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic today for the most reliable veterinary care for horses and farm animals.

Equine Medicine:

  • Preventative Care Programs - We provide programs including vaccine recommendations, deworming protocols, Coggins testing, and in-house blood screening that can be tailored to your horse's specific needs.
  • Lameness Examinations - We strive to diagnose even the most subtle lameness by observing movement at the walk and trot, flexion tests, and the use of regional anesthesia such as nerve and joint blocks.
  • Dentistry - Have you noticed your horse dropping feed? Does he seem to be losing weight or fighting the bit? Chances are the teeth could be the root of the problem. Here at Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic, we recommend routine (once or twice a year) teeth floating.
  • Surgery - We are capable of performing many types of common surgical procedures including castrations, laceration repairs, eye enucleations, etc.

Large Animal / Herd Medicine:

  • Preventative Medicine Programs - All cattle, sheep, goats, swine, etc. can benefit from a regular schedule of preventative medicine. Our doctors at Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic are capable of consulting with you and developing a program that is tailored to your herd. We can make specific vaccine recommendations for all levels of production, discuss deworming protocols, provide calfhood (brucellosis) vaccination, help with herd validations, and more.
  • Farm Calls Available - We are available to come to you if you can't come to us. We can process your herd on the farm and provide services such as vaccination, castration, deworming, animal identification, pregnancy checking, and more.

Emergency Services:

  • We are happy to provide in-clinic or on the farm emergency services for large animals and equine patients. Please call and our answering service will direct you to the number of the veterinarian on call where you can receive consultation and veterinary assistance if needed.

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Choose the professional and expert care you need for your equine and large animals. Call or visit Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic for all of your equestrian and farm veterinary care. Call 217-673-4870 or visit our clinic at 607 IL Highway 267.

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  • "I absolutely love the ladies at this office. They are so nice and helpful and my fur babies like them to!! I strongly recommend this practice if you are in need of a great vet and staff!!"
    Angel C.
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